Stay connected with Mitsubishi’s 8” Smartphone Link Display Audio System.

To connect your smartphone to Bluetooth® on eligible Mitsubishi models, just press the phone button on the stereo control panel, search for device manager and register the phone. Then on your phone, turn on Bluetooth® and it will show you a list of nearby devices you can pair with. The team at our Mitsubishi dealership in West Haven, CT, can help with all your technology questions, including how to connect Bluetooth® in a Mitsubishi Outlander or Eclipse model. Curious how to use features in your car or having trouble connecting a phone to Bluetooth® in your car? Speak with our team today!

How Do I Activate Bluetooth® in a Mitsubishi?

If your car is capable, just make sure Bluetooth® is turned on both on your phone and the car's settings. You can then sync the device and the vehicle, allowing for hands-free calls and other convenient functions. The Mitsubishi Outlander Bluetooth® capability makes it easy to keep the focus on the road ahead, plus connecting to Bluetooth® in your car couldn’t be easier thanks to the Mitsubishi infotainment system. To activate Bluetooth® in your car, make sure all settings are correct to pair the devices.

Why Is My Bluetooth® Not Pairing?

Having trouble with Bluetooth® not pairing? Contact George Harte Mitsubishi or visit in person so our team can see if there is an issue. If your device cannot connect to Bluetooth® or you're having trouble activating Bluetooth® in a Mitsubishi, you can get the info you need from our experts.

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